ONCE UPON A TIME • Statement



The outer walls of the Kaaba like structure are covered in images of disintegration. The visitor walking unawares around the structure seems to be invited down a low lit corridor just past a inexplicable monitor. This dark labyrinth is flooded with concepts that often unaware shape and direct our lives. Ordinary photographs of abandoned ships on the deserted dried shores of Lake Aral appear to have become works of art when encased in ornate frames. Quotes from Susan Sontag on the wall at the end of the corridor shake the common value placed on photography. The labyrinth within this world of images, opens to an expansive room. The photograph of a rejected, consumed piece of nature covers the wall from end to end. The floor is covered in handwriting dating back to 1844 explaining the estrangement of man from himself. Marx lies under the visitors feet! The visitor moves between dark walls through a narrow passage into a room. There is a spotlight on the ceiling which lights up a fishbowl with one red fish in it. The only other furniture in the room is a Maroken armchair.

Philip Glass plays 'The Thin Blue Line - Hypnotic Time' faintly in the background. On the wall there is a photograph of a scrap car abandoned in nature and among the bush there is a security camera, hardly visible. A sign in front of the fishbowl indicates that the fish has not been fed since September 13th 2013 and has been abandoned, left to die. The question is how will the visitor react to this. There are no other exits from this room. The camera which appears to be a security camera is actually a close captioned camera which is broadcast on the monitor at the entrance where the visitor came in.


As we move from the comfort of our secure modern compounds to entertaining shopping centers, we don’t notice the landscape. Perception is selective.

“It” is valued and so photographed.

The one who shares and the one who likes re create this world built upon these images. And to one another each is ‘the other’

Existence has a price and it is paid.

The individual drifts with involuntary waves, roles change;

Our miracles awaken awe but both the creator and the consumer have become strangers to what was produced.

Boundaries fade.

When we need change it is ‘the other’ our eyes search for.

Alas the other is but a dream.

Life, in all its simplicity awaits us.
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